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Chief Secy request boost sales of Aavin sweets during diwali

As on November 2, sales of Aavin’s Diwali sweets increased by 44 per cent to 389 tonnes as against last year’s sales of 272 tonnes

It has been bumper Diwali for Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation Ltd (Aavin) with an all-time record in sales of sweets. A circular by Chief Secretary V Irai Anbu requesting all the State government departments to consider procuring Aavin sweets for distribution boosted the sales this year, said an official at Aavin.

As on November 2, sales of Aavin’s Diwali sweets increased by 44 per cent to 389 tonnes (135 tonnes in Chennai and 254 tonnes in districts) as against last year’s sales of 272 tonnes (112 tonnes in the city and 160 tonnes in districts). Similarly, sales of ghee increased by 43 per cent to 885 tonnes (613 tonnes), the official added.

In value terms, this year, revenue from sale of Diwali sweets more than doubled to ₹17.51 crore (₹8.20 crore); and ghee ₹43.07 crore (₹25.56 crore). However, there was a drop in value of other products such as buttermilk; yoghurt; savouries and flavoured milk at ₹16.75 crore (₹23.44 crore), he said, adding in two or three days the number will be higher than last year. Overall, in value terms, the Diwali sweets sales this year was ₹80.09 crore (₹57.20 crore), an increase of 40 per cent.

A total of 134 government institutions and 65 private institutions ordered sweets worth ₹6.92 crore, the official said. Thanks to the Chief Secretary’s circular, Aavin got an order for 70 tonnes of sweets from the transport corporation alone worth ₹4 crore, he said.

The Chief Secretary in his letter to government departments said that to help the livelihood of the dairy farmers, all the workers and employees working in all the public sector undertakings in their sector are requested to purchase and distribute Aavin sweets on behalf of their sector for the upcoming Diwali festival. “Also, I kindly request you to purchase and serve Aavin desserts if you offer desserts at their departmental office meetings,” he said.

Aavin had also put up a temporary stall at around 40 places in Chennai. This includes major bus depots; metro rail stations and places where people come in large numbers, the release said. However, with a huge order from the government departments, retail consumers were unable to get the sweets from the local parlours.

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