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T.A.C, The Ayurveda Company, is thrilled to announce that Ms. Shreedha Singh, CEO, and Co-Founder of the organization, has made a substantial investment in Shree Radhe Dairy Farms, particularly in their renowned brand, Vastu Ghee, through the groundbreaking show ‘Indian Angels.’ Five Angel investors, including Ms. Singh, collectively invested INR 2 Crores for a 2% stake.

‘Indian Angels’ is a pioneering show that spotlights visionary individuals who have made substantial contributions to various industries. This unique platform not only offers aspiring entrepreneurs an opportunity to secure vital investments but also invites viewers to become investors themselves, fostering a culture of innovation and support.

By becoming an angel investor on ‘Indian Angels,’ Ms. Shreedha Singh is not only making a strategic investment but also inspiring countless individuals with her dedication and determination in her professional journey. She has transformed into an emblem of ambition and resilience, particularly for the growing cohort of women who are making significant strides in shaping the corporate landscape of India.

“The founders of Shree Radhe Dairy Farms have a humble beginning and on-ground domain expertise,” noted Ms. Shreedha Singh. “They started small but worked hard to make 100 crore in revenue with a 3% profit margin. Their success shows how dedicated they are to making a great business. India being the world’s biggest dairy supplier gives founders ample opportunity to grow in the industry. It’s not just about dairy; it’s about having a vision, working hard, and being in a market that wants real and high-quality products. I feel proud to be a part of their journey.”

Shree Radhe Dairy Farms, the manufacturer of Vastu Ghee, has a rich history in the food and beverage sector, particularly in the dairy industry. With over 12 years of experience, they have grown from a small team of 12 to a formidable force of more than 400 individuals. Their product line, which includes Pure Desi Ghee and other dairy offerings, is renowned for its authenticity and purity. More than 2000 distributors and 200,000 retailers across the nation are associated with the brand, making it a household name.

Vastu Ghee is produced in a world-class, safe environment, free from adulterants and artificial enhancers. The company follows safe farming practices that prioritize the well-being of their cattle, resulting in the production of truly authentic and pure milk and dairy products. By working closely with local farmers and maintaining rigorous quality standards in a state-of-the-art research facility, Vastu Ghee has become a symbol of quality and purity in the dairy sector. Only natural and organic feed is given to the cattle, ensuring that the end product is of the highest quality.

Ms. Shreedha Singh’s investment in Shree Radhe Dairy Farms and Vastu Ghee demonstrates her dedication to supporting businesses with a clear vision for growth, scalability, and a strong commitment to excellence. It is a significant step in promoting indigenous and authentic Indian brands, making her an inspiration to millions and showcasing the boundless opportunities for success across India.

Source : Start up story media Nov 13th 2023

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