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Building Nutrition Security with Dairy : Roles Risks and Regulations

Stellapps technology and Think Ag organised a webinar last week on Nutrition security with Dairy . The webinar was to kick start of purposeful discussions on showcasing legitimacy of Milk as a lifeline of human nutrition.

It has become a fashion to curse dairy and milk in one way or the other. It looks like a conspiracy to tarnish the image of milk in the minds of the younger generation in particular. Any group behind such communication knows the dependance of today’s youth on social media. We do not have a mechanism to censor social media in any way. There is hardly any accountability of the broadcaster and content owner on the shared insights. There are three major codes of such communications.

a. Milk is not healthy

b. Milk is not safe, and

c. Milk is not sustainable from an animal well being and environment perspective.

We tried to address all three of these issues by bringing in top experts from India. Dr A K Srivastava- a known scientist, Sh Pawan Agarwal -Ex Food regulator , Sh R S Sodhi- President Indian Dairy Association and Sh Ranjith Mukundan- Founder Stellapps technology.

Milk is the first food for human life. The history of milk products dates back to around 6000 years. However for us the most important date is 15th November 2022 when the population on earth crossed 8 Billions. Food security became the most critical area for the survival of mankind on earth.

Do you know ? The Poll questions

What % of the population are vegetarian in the world ?

How many people consume milk and dairy products on a daily basis ?

What % of the population looks at the labels for environmental footprint in particular ?

Pl find the answers at the end.

What is Food security ?

It simply means everyone on the planet having physical, Social and economic access to sufficient , safe and nutritious food. Which meet their Food choice and dietary needs for an active and healthy life.

For most of us Food security is not an issue for most parts of the world.Food security is available to only a third of the world’s population . The fact check tells us that –

  • One billion of population on earth is undernourished . They hardly get one meal a day.
  • 2 Billions are overweight or Obese, and
  • Another 2 Billions have hidden hunger. It means that their caloric needs are met but the needs for nutrients and micronutrients is unmet…

Raj Patel in his book has called this category as Stuffed and starved. That reminds me of the famous quote that –

Why is the Stuffed population starving ?

Healthy diets serve two objectives . First it protects against malnutrition and second it protects against communicable diseases. Whether you believe it or not, animal source foods are the major suppliers of commonly lacking nutrients. Milk, curd and cheese are the dairy products performing this duty. Over a third of children under 5 years of age in the world are stunted . India is also not an anomaly in this regard. Malnutrition actually leads to wasting, stunting, anaemia and subsequently lower potential to perform.

So now do you understand why a Poor remains Poor always ?…

The researches have proven that halving dairy from your diet would increase the chances of obesity, hypertension , diabetes , cancer and cardiovascular deaths.

Everyone is asking us to leave dairy and live a plant based food life. They do not understand that It is not about dairy or Plant based food. Rather it is about creating a balance between the two.

Only Balanced Diet leads to Balanced Life

Our eminent panelists shared their views on the importance of milk in the ecosystem of mankind. Dr Srivastava shared a comprehensive presentation on the granularity of nutritional importance of milk in different stages of life.

Pawan Agarwal ji shared his experience as a food regulator and the outcome of the milk adulteration surveys during his tenure. He reassured the safety of milk but made everyone aware of the need of bringing in Feed also to bring a 360 deg safety net to milk production.

Dr R S Sodhi, categorically refuted the false claims made by the plant based food sector. He mentioned that even the farmers abroad echoes his perspective that Sustainability is an outcome of filled stomachs.

Sh Ranjith Mukundan shared his journey with farmers and the disruptive financial and nutritional security which technology has brought in the lives of millions of farmers. Currently Stellapps technology is behind 13-15% of total milk procurement in the organised sector.

Poll Results

What % of the population are vegetarian in the world ? 22%

How many people consume milk and dairy products on a daily basis ? >80% of global population

What % of population looks at the labels for environmental footprint in particular ?Around 5 %

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Source : Blog by Kuldeep Sharma Chief editor Dairynews7x7.com

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