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Bengaluru Hoteliers To Use Local ‘Nandini’ Dairy Products Only

The dairy giant Amul eyes entering Karnataka’s Bengaluru to sell milk and curd but the hoteliers group there has said that it will only use ‘Nandini’ products to support the state farmers.

The Dairy giant Amul gets a hostile welcome in Karnataka’s Bengaluru where it plans to sell milk and curd as the Bruhat Bengaluru Hotels Association (BBHA) announced that it will only use ‘Nandini’ milk to “support the state farmers,” reported news agency ANI.

Amul is eyeing to enter the ‘undisputed’ territory of Nandini Milk, a home-grown brand marketed by the Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF). Entering Bengaluru will pit Amul against the home brand Nandini which many people are seeing as unwanted competition between two successful milk cooperatives.

Bengaluru Hoteliers To Use Local ‘Nandini’ Dairy Products Only - Dairy News 7X7
Bengaluru Hoteliers To Use Local ‘Nandini’ Dairy Products Only 3

Many fear that if Gujarat-based Amul is allowed to sell its dairy products such as milk and curd in Karnataka then it will affect the incomes of local farmers. Amidst all this, there are speculations doing rounds that KML will be merged with Amul.

The ruling party BJP and the opposition Congress have been taking jibes at each other in this matter. Accusing Congress of politicising Amul’s entry to Karnataka, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said: “We have absolute clarity with regard to Amul. Nandini is a national brand. It’s not restricted to Karnataka. We have popularised Nandini as a brand in other states as well.” He added that not only has milk production increased in the state but incentives have also been given to the milk producers, reported news agency PTI.

Kumaraswamy, the JD(S) second-in-command, alleged that Amul has this ‘bad thinking’ to finish off its lone competitor Nandini in Karnataka itself. “One nation, one Amul, one milk and one Gujarat’ has become the official policy of the Central government. Hence, Amul is strangulating KMF by standing in its support,” PTI quoted Kumaraswamy as saying.

#GOBackAmul Trends

Due to all this backlash, citizens of Bengaluru have also called for boycotting Amul with posts on social media with captions that say #GoBackAmul.

Bengaluru Hoteliers To Use Local ‘Nandini’ Dairy Products Only - Dairy News 7X7
Bengaluru Hoteliers To Use Local ‘Nandini’ Dairy Products Only 4

The strong emotions of locals with Nandini have been proven to be a jolt to Amul in Bengaluru.

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