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Benchmarking Dairy farmer’s performance : The Stellapps way

Stellapps technologies , a Bengaluru based tech start up is revolutionising the way milk being procured in India. It provides end to end solutions with 100 % traceability upto the dairy farmer level in milk procurement by large players. Stellapps has been the first choice of companies like Amul, Hatsun, Milma, amongst others.

Digitization of of milk procurement reduces the challenges arising due to adulteration, pilferage, pricing, payments, inefficiencies, etc. These problems aggravates further due to highly fragmented milk procurement network in India comprising of millions of farmers. This makes it very difficult for the dairy company to develop a differential pricing mechanism based on quality and efficiencies of dairy farmers.

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Stellapps developed appropriate technologies to take this challenge and embedded all relevant parameters on their smart moo platform. This platform checks the total solids content of the milk and rates farmers on the basis of the quality of milk being sold . The rating also takes into account the consistency in delivery time, quantities, total solids, microbial and other quality parameters , etc.

The hardware and software involved with smart moo also act as a forecasting tool and runs the algorithm in both the directions on timeline. It checks even the slightest of deviation in Fat and SNF received and helps the farmer to reason it out. It may also be used to forecast the future production levels also based on the time of the season and past animal performance . The smart moo application is committed to ensure safe milk to all and has plans to have inbuilt system for adulterants and contaminants testing also.

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