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After Nano Urea, Nishikant aims reviving dairy co-ops in Jharkhand

Jharkhand State Co-operative Milk Producers Federation, which sells its products under the brand name of Medha Dairy, will open 33 new milk booths in different districts of the state. All these booths will be opened from the Godda Lok Sabha MP fund.

Member of Parliament from Godda constituency of Jharkhand Nishikant Dubey announced it through his twitter wall. “In order to provide good quality milk to the people at the cheapest rate, we have asked the Medha dairy to open 33 new milk booths’ ‘, Dubey said, while sharing a media byte through his twitter wall.

“For the establishment of one milk booth, the cost is around Rs 9 lakh and for 33 booths, it will be around 2.97 crore. We have decided to give Rs 3 crore from the MP fund for establishing booths for the common people. If the plan is properly implemented, then we will further expand it”, he added.

Meanwhile, talking to the Indian Cooperative Medha Dairy Managing Director Sudhir Kumar Singh said, “These new milk booths will be opened in three districts namely Deoghar, Dumka and Godda of Jharkhand. It will not only help the farmers of the respective districts but also generate employment opportunities”.

“These booths will be wholly managed by the Medha Dairy. At present there are around 700 temporary booths and about 35 are permanent booths. With the addition of new 33 milk booths, the figures will rise to 65 milk booths”, he said while talking to the Indian Cooperative correspondent on the phone.

He further added, once the amount is credited in the accounts of Medha Dairy, the process of opening these new milk booths will be completed in the span of six months. We are procuring 1.80 lakh litre milk per day and till the end of the current financial year, we will reach 2 lakh liter milk per day, Singh added.

It is reported that on the occasion of Hindu Festival Makar Sankranti, Medha Dairy sold 80 tons of Dahi. 42 thousand farmers are associated with dairy and planning to open a powder plant and a product factory at Ranchi in the near future with an estimated cost of Rs 130 crore.

Medha established 638 automatic computerized milk weighing and testing systems in villages to check the quality and quantity of milk right there in the presence of milk producers.

It bears recalling that last week Nishikant Dubey received IFFCO MD Dr U S Awasthi who had come to Deoghar to review the progress of the Nano urea plant. IFFCO decided to build a Nano plant at the insistence of Dubey, sources add.

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