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Aavin ready to face NE monsoon with sufficient stock of UHT milk

Armed with over one lakh litres of Delight cow’s milk packed with UHT (ultra-high temperature) technology with a shelf life of 90 days, Aavin is gearing to face the northeast monsoon.

Sources in the Tamil Nadu Cooperatives Milk Producers Federation, which owns the Aavin brand, explained that this time it was preferring these half litre packets with 3.5% fat to skimmed milk powder since it need not be reconstituted in shelters. “It would be easier to consume and need not be refrigerated untill the packet is opened,” said an official.

The milk major’s Sholinganallur dairy has the facility to pack upto 50,000 litres a day of UHT milk and if the need arises it can be done quickly.

“We have moved UHT milk to low-lying areas for distribution to homes along with other relief material, if required. Nodal officers have been appointed for all districts and they are in touch with the respective district collectorates and the 1.5 lakh first responders so that milk or milk-based products can be moved wherever needed,” said a source.

Aavin has stocked up on butter and skimmed milk powder to reconstitute milk at its dairies. It has taken steps to ensure uninterrupted power supply in all plants and 600 bulk milk coolers. “Water proofing and safety measures have been taken at all our facilities.”

As far as milk collection centres at societies are concerned, additional collection systems were already in place for farmers in remote areas. This is done by societies themselves. Vehicles collect milk cans, take them to the cooling centres and return the cans. Aavin has instructed farmers to ensure that cattle are kept in dry warm sheds.

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