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Aavin milk supply in several areas in city delayed due to flash strike by transporters

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A flash strike by transporters on Tuesday evening led to a delay in supply of Aavin milk in several areas in the city on Wednesday morning.

Sources said that Aavin’s decision to stick to the rules of the transport agreement and reduce payment according to current diesel prices had caused the protest.

Diesel prices had recently been reduced by the Central government, which was the reason for the reduction of per kilometre rate.

There are around 150 trucks with refrigeration facilities that run regularly for Aavin on a contractual basis in the city.

When the trucks refused to ply on their regular routes, sources said that MTC buses and private trucks were mobilised to deliver milk.

However, the contract vehicles too stepped in by 3 a.m., and Aavin managed to deliver 14.40 lakh litres of milk.

Official sources in Aavin said that the issue had been sorted out and there would not be any problem on Thursday.

V. Rajkumar, a resident of Santhome, said that milk was delivered at his home by 9.30 a.m.

Manju, a resident of Ambattur, said she did not get the supply.


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Milk an essential commodity

An industry expert said the truckers should not have gone on strike without notice, especially since milk is an essential commodity.

They were paid quite well compared to private milk dairy suppliers.

In fact, they are said to have received double the market rate.

Aavin management should have also been ready with a contingency plan to meet such exigencies, he added.

About 150 trucks ply regularly  for Aavin on  a contractual  basis in the city

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