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Tamilnadu milk federation, known as, Aavin ,has set a record by selling more than 2.5 million LPD in the state. The federation did a phenomenal job in restructuring its supply chain during the lockdown period.

Aavin was showing steady growth in the state capital market of Chennai for a long time. Other districts of the state were showing a sales of 11.60 lakhs LPD of milk sales earlier. This sales has increased to 12.03 lakh LPD on the day of setting the record .

During lockdown, Aavin has added around 500 franchise retailers. Aavin was collecting Rs 5000 and Rs 10000 as security deposit from retailers earlier. They reduced this security amount to Rs 1000 per retailer during the COVID peiod. As per Mr M. Vallalar MD Aavin, this was done so as to make Aavin milk and milk products reach to a large number of consumers, .

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