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A true dairyman is gifted with virtues of a mother so why adulterate milk ?

Diwali will be in its true elements after two years . The lights of happiness and joy are covering the darkness of pain and despair. Hope is a new certainty. The pain and despair of the pandemic is just fading out.

Corona has made all of us a better human being. We have become more responsible towards ourselves and our near and dear ones. We fought a big battle and the war is still not over.

“It is easier to change a man’s religion than to change his diet.” These are the words of Margaret Meads. Dairy is an essential part of diet for most of the vegetarians in India. The demand for the dairy based sweets reaches its peak during the festival times. The demand for such products always surpasses the supply at this time.

This is the true moment of truth for the dairy. The greed outweighs the value system and adulteration becomes the only way forward.

Greed is good

The market gets flooded with adulterated milk and milk products during the festival times. We can not expect even the regulator to control it during festival time throughout the country. Self regulation is the only way out of such problems. Ethics are not amongst our top priorities.

All doctors in the world take a Hippocratic oath. A dairyman doesn’t do so. 60% of the times food borne diseases trigger the need of a doctor. Thus it becomes imperative to ignite the value system of a dairyman to provide safe milk and milk products to everyone.

In the world full of adulteration try to be as pure as cow’s fresh milk-Meghna

Mother’s milk is the purest form of milk. A dairyman has to live with a commitment to purpose. The purpose of a dairyman is delivering safe and pure milk to the consumers. It is very easy to become rich in the dairy sector through adulteration. But you do not become wealthy till you have few virtues which money can’t buy.

A true dairyman has the virtues of a mother. The dairyman in one’s self is the sole director of such bad practices. It needs discipline and awareness that the consumer is like your own child.

May this Diwali bring the lights of safety, purity and authenticity in the lives of all the dairymen in the world.

Source : A Dairy blog by Kuldeep Sharma Chief editor dairynews7x7

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