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The resounding success was celebrated with grandeur and elegance as Dr. Olivier Fink, Charge d’Affaires a.i. of the Embassy of Switzerland in India*, graced the event with his presence, highlighting the significance of the collaboration between Swiss luxury and Indian taste.

Mr Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman of DS Group, stated, “The first exclusive Läderach store at DLF Emporio is set to become Delhi’s ultimate chocolate destination. We’re excited to provide our customers with a unique experience that offers unparalleled moments of chocolate indulgence. DS Group has always been committed to delivering best-in-class products, and our collaboration with Läderach further solidifies this commitment.

DS Group and the globally renowned master chocolatier Elias Läderach came together to commemorate this unforgettable occasion. The event was graced by Delhi’s elite, including prominent figures from the business, corporate, and diplomatic circles. Notable trade commissioners from various embassies joined the celebration, adding to the event’s international appeal.

Event Highlight was Elias Läderach’s, the visionary behind Läderach’s exquisite creations, shared insights into the art of chocolate making, offering guests an exclusive glimpse into the world of Swiss chocolate craftsmanship. Guests had the unique opportunity to participate in a hands-on chocolate making experience led by Läderach’s expert chocolatiers. This interactive session allowed attendees to create their own delectable chocolate treats, adding a touch of personalization to the event. Attendees indulged in a sumptuous spread of Läderach’s finest chocolates, relishing the intricate flavors and textures that have propelled Läderach to global sensation status.

The post-launch celebration of Läderach’s store inauguration served as a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and its ability to create unforgettable experiences. The fusion of Swiss artistry and Indian elegance was truly a sight to behold.

Source : DS Gp Press release Aug 28th 2023

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