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Milk Made By Sugar, Water, And Bacteria: Milk and milk products have come a long way in the last few years. Despite this, these products made from plants cannot exactly match dairy. According to a report by the Good Food Institute (GFI), plant-based milk beverages made from ingredients such as soybeans, almonds, and oats make up to 15% of total milk sales in the USA market and 11% in Western Europe.

Making Milk Using Bio-Chemical Process

With the hope of becoming a part of the Rs 70 lakh crore global dairy market, some companies are now making milk in new ways without cows or plants. These companies of synthetic dairy are making milk through bio-chemical processes. Some bacteria are placed between sugar and water in a special tank.

Lactose Is Removed

These bacteria convert the sugar into milk protein after some time in a controlled environment. This type of milk also has benefits. Lactose, to which some people are allergic, and hormones, which are linked to some adult diseases, can be removed from milk in this manner.

Efficient Than Traditional Dairy

This is useful in these times of growing concerns about food security and climate change. It uses less water. It requires less energy and space than traditional dairy production. Emissions of greenhouse gases are also low, which account for more than 3% of global warming emissions in the region.

Tanks More Expensive Than Cows

The tanks used in this process are very expensive. A tank that can hold about 30 liters of milk can cost up to Rs 1.5 crores. On the other hand, buying a cow, which can give almost this much milk in a day, will cost only Rs 1.5 lakhs.

Source : India July 3rd 2023 by Tahir Qureshi

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