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In a unique collaboration, four educational institutions of Mumbai have joined hands with the India Dairy Association (IDA) to bust myths around the consumption of milk amid growing propaganda about vegan food choices.

On September 12, the institutions and the West Zone of the IDA will hold a seminar titled ‘Role of Milk Products in Health and Disease Prevention’ to create awareness about the goodness of milk at Hotel Kohinoor Continental, in Andheri.

According to information, food technologists or researchers in the food industry from Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Sir Vithaldas Thackersey College of Home Science and Mumbai Veterinary College will take part in the seminar.

Dr. Kavita Pandey, the HOD of Bioanalytical Science at Khalsa College, said, “There are so many myths around milk these days, especially those misinforming individuals on how it is not good for health. The idea of this collaboration is to contradict the propaganda by providing scientific substantiation.”

Dr. Pandey added, “A very commonly heard statement these days is that milk is not good for gut health. Whereas, fermented milk products like yogurt, cheese etc are known to enrich the microbiota and further enhance gut health. Another commonly spread myth is that consuming milk products makes you gain weight. Whereas, milk causes as much weight gain as any other food when consumed beyond moderation. On the contrary, milk reduces overeating by giving a sense of satiety.”

Dr. Pandey further explained, “Probiotics from fermented milk can help in digestion and metabolism; they boost the immune system. Several such benefits are not present in plant-based alternatives of milk such as soy milk. Additionally, for elderly persons with less mobility, milk provides good full nutrition.”

Dr. Pandey is also a member of the Mumbai chapter of the Association of Food Scientists and Technologists (India) along with other researchers from educational institutions partnering for this event. The seminar will include discussions on topics such as milk and lifestyle diseases, immunity, milk and nutrition for sports persons and the elderly and myth-breakers on milk among all.

Dr. J B Prajapati, Chairman of the IDA (West Zone), which is actively engaging in promoting the dairy sector in five major states of India – Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Goa — said, “We have decided to fiercely contradict the vegan food propaganda wherein milk is blamed to be the cause of certain diseases and is painted as low on nutrition value as compared to plant-based alternatives.”

Dr. Prajapati further said, “Some organisations are running anti-milk propaganda by spreading wrong information and promoting vegan food choices. Our objective is to provide scientific information on the benefits of consumption of milk and its products. Collaboration with educational institutions not only brings food experts and scientists to the table but it also helps us reach out to the younger generations who are future consumers.”

The IDA was established in 1948 and has been actively conducting various types of events. This is its 75th year of existence.

Source : Indian Express Aug 31st 2023

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